Friday, December 25, 2015

Fourth Annual Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt!

1. SlackGirl (8 different prizes - eyeshadows with mesh head appliers and standard avi appliers)
Hint 1 - I better take a seat near the entrance before starting this hunt.
Hint 2 - Using stairs always has been a good exercise for the legs.
Hint 3 - With these lights I can see better my Catwa head better.
Hint 4 -  Perhaps we should walk into the mesh makeup section to see what's new.
Hint 5 - Getting up to the second floor was exhausting, I need to take a seat again!
Hint 6 - I need a new makeup for my Lelutka head!
Hint 7 - Ah, an elevator!! Why didn't I use it instead of the stairs?!
Hint 8 - My TMP head always needs new makeups, let's look for a new one!
Hint: Maybe try your luck at the free group gacha?
Hint: Come near the flame to get warm! (Both prizes are in the same box)

4. Entice (A mesh dress in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, and Fitmesh.)  
Hint: As long as you are standing by the subscribo, you might as well join!
5. Taetra (mesh ring)
Hint: HO HO HO, I hope I can fit through the window.
6. Blue Blood (A mesh dress sizes XS to XL)
Hint: Sometimes you need to fix some cables to find some gifts.
7. Jinx
Hint: If it were a gift you were seeking then there would be a need to click here first.
Hint: Tube-u-lar~!!
9. Zipi Poses (Prizes are single static female poses)
                                                        Hints: Prize #1. It brings me news...
Prize #2. the one and only...
Prize #3. love is all around me...
Hint: I use watercolor paints.
Hint: Signs, Signs, everywhere signs!
12. Ama.
Hint: I've got myself a fancy collar!

Hints: Prize #1: Is that icing on your butt? ("Cat's Meow" Pose Set = 7 static poses)
Prize #2: Sorry to keep you hanging. ("Cozy Lolita Armwarmers" = Mesh armwarmers in 4 colors and 2 skin tones.)
Hint: Newness!
Hint: This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...
Hint: Reach for a star.
17. Candy
Hint: tinkle~tinkle~ came phone
Hint: Don't you just love sexy leather skirts?
Hint: During a blizzard, snow blows horizontally!
20. *Lurve*
Hint: After a long day of Hunt-ing, rest yourself and watch some telly.
21. No Cabide
Hint: The cat loves cupcake!
Hint: One peacock is white, the other is blue.....find your gift by peacock number two!
Hint: 'Ahar me matey!'
Hint: My name is Beth.
Hint:  The flowers will bloom out nice and pretty.
Hint: Sometimes when you fly you feel lonely. Not with this little friend that can fly beside you.
Hint: "Gem magic!"

Hint: Check out the news!
.::[HTxDZ]::. (for kemono avatar only)
Hint: OMG I love his eyes! [Kemono Room]
Hint: These dollies are so cute, but also kinda creepy!